Remodeling and Home Design

2016 open shop reservations

Student Gallery

The purpose of the open shop session is to advance your skill and design abilities. Open to woodworkers of any skill level, you are encouraged to create an original project but you can do anything you want like repair a chair, learn a new technique or refinish an existing piece. ​

The sessions are conducted in a very casual way, with most of the attention devoted to the actual fabrication process.  As techniques, tool operation, or safety issues present themselves during the sessions, the participants are presented with relevant discussions regarding the options and nuances of the subject of interest. Some folks are already familiar with the subjects covered and continue to work on their own projects.

Included in the session fee is any safety equipment necessary and most supplies except the wood and finishing materials.

​There are no prerequisites for the sessions.  An understanding of the tools and techniques involved is helpful but not required.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Robert @ 512-994-7414

4 Sessions  $175.00

1 Session $50.00

saturday open shop sessions