Remodeling and Home Design

Repair and Restore

Quality conservation services

Robert has been a life-long student of all things woodworking, from construction to finishes, being responsible for conservation and restoration of museum quality antiques. Robert understands the necessity of maintaining the proper patina and making the necessary repairs without diminishing the value of the piece. 

Custom Furniture 

Highly motivated to achieve your vision

Drawing from his experience, Robert is able to offer solutions to the many considerations involved in bringing a product to its final form. Robert is able to work with you to achieve your furnishing vision. He strives to define the desires of each client so that the final product exactly meets the criterion established during the design process. Material selection, style, finishes, ergonomics and cost are all important factors in the successful completion of any project. 

Robert is highly motivated to bring all these elements together before offering a quotation on a given piece. He will work with you to clarify your vision. Sometimes this is not possible within a given budget. In these cases he will start with a concept and a budget and make recommendations that will bring these elements together.