Remodeling and Home Design

About the artist

"If you can make a chair, you can make anything. 

  But if it doesn't sit, it's only a possession." ~ Robert 

As a lifelong student of furniture design, Robert Galusha is familiar with nearly all disciplines and periods of historical and contemporary furnishings both Western and Asian. Not satisfied with mere observation, Robert has built many of these pieces, occasionally using the traditional tools and methods that were originally used.  His current work is an exploration of wood bending technique and non-derivative design within the context of familiar form of the chair. Unexpected strength is achieved through enfolding lines. His desire is to evoke an emotional response from his work. Sensuous lines and organic profiles twist upon themselves and invite the touch of the hand.  Borrowing from traditional bending methods, adding the use of modern adhesives and unique fabrication technology, Robert has advanced the art of woodworking to enable a sparse structure to combine with physical integrity, producing work that is both delicate yet surprisingly strong. Avoiding traditional joinery and opting instead for long grain to long grain laminations, he is able to produce a piece that satisfies his creativity and curiosity. The search for apparent fragility combined with unexpected strength is a worthy goal. The challenge of absolute symmetry in the familiar yet new form of the chair helps me find my God. 

Besides his furniture designs, Robert has also designed/invented Consumer Products (See Architectural elements, Machinery, Hot Rods and Custom Motorcycles